The continuous investment in technology, equipment and training of employees has made it possible to reach the highest levels of production standards with regard to all the products of the auto pear steering system.

Ad oggi Facar produce circa 3.000 articoli standard di rotazione del mercato. Tutto il resto dei prodotti che coprono il totale parco auto segue una pianificazione produttiva su richiesta , come ad esempio per i ricambi del sistema sterzante per la guida a destra.

To date Facar produces around 3,000 standard items of market rotation. All the rest of the products covering the total fleet of cars follow a production planning on request, such as for the steering system spare parts for right-hand drive.

Moreover, the geographical position of the company in central Italy makes it easy and flexible to distribute its products in absolutely reduced times

Finally, the company is engaging in a direct marketing activity of the Facar brand, through a careful direct marketing strategy and commercial relations.

Finally, the need to always have the best spare parts for one’s own products, where not available on the market, has led to the creation of a related company, which designs and manufactures certain components (bushings, pulleys, etc., etc.) through numerically controlled multi-axis cutters and come back. This allows Facar to produce any particular product for which there is no standard spare parts available in the current market.