FACAR guarantees its products for two years

For any problem, you can contact our customer service, you will soon redirected to the relative department

A customer service always available for your needs

Products guaranteed for two years from the purchase date

A specialized engineers teams ready to solve any question

Warranty procedure

To get the warranty on a defected article, please fill the apposite form and send your request to our customer service.

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Return Acceptance Criterias

Check the tables below to verify if your piece respect our return acceptance criterias

Click on the image above to download pumps acceptance criterias
Click on the image above to download steering racks acceptance criterias

Facar srl In compliance with the law, it applies the following guarantees:

  • The LEGAL GUARANTEE OF CONFORMITY, provided for in article 132 of the Consumer Code, lasting 24 MONTHS. This guarantee is due only to Consumers identified pursuant to art. 3 of the Consumer Code, to which reference is made.
  • The GUARANTEE FOR VICES, provided for by article 1495 of the Civil Code, for a period of 12 MONTHS. This guarantee is for all professional operators, ie those end users with a VAT number (partnerships or corporations, sole proprietorships, craft businesses, freelancers, etc.) who use the product for professional purposes and who purchase the product with tax bill.