Ours is a story of passion.

Facar was born in the 70s, thanks to the infinite passion for cars of Mr. Sergio Perilli, its founder, specializing immediately in the processing, regeneration and reconditioning of mechanical spare parts for cars.

The technical qualities and the remarkable mechanical competence of its founder immediately lead FACAR to establish itself on one of the most active markets of the time: carburettors. In this market the FACAR brand soon spread throughout Italy, to the point of also being a sponsor in the car racing circuit.

Following the changed market scenarios, they induce Facar srl to deal with overhauled brake calipers and still later to build and regenerate the entire steering system for cars and light commercial vehicles, to date, the company’s core business.

The modern technological evolution of today, and the new needs of the markets have given the company the opportunity to also enter the IAM (Independent AfterMarket) market as a third party manufacturer and direct distributor of steering and transmission systems for cars.

Today the company managed by the son of the founder, Christian, employes more than 50 production workers, 9 test benches with operator for EPS, PUMPS and HYDROGUID, 1 fully automated test bench for power steering, 8 machine tools, a work center with numerical control machines (cutters and lathes), and a large surface production and warehouse building.